Choosing the Right Forex Broker

A good trading activity mainly involves choosing a good platform and a reliable broker. You will have to invest your money with him, so it is good to choose carefully and wisely. Several review platforms can help you find the melhores corretoras forex. Take the time to study them all, so you can decide which forex broker to choose.

The “legal” Factors to Look at When Choosing a Broker

forex broker expertGiven that the perfect broker on the market does not exist, there are questions you should ask yourself to find the one that best suits your needs. The former are of a regulatory nature.

Is it a Regulated Broker?

Forex is a global market where your only guarantee is the broker you choose to enter. Knowing that the preferred one is subject to control by authorities is necessary. Remember that the best brokers adhere to these regulatory circuits and show it to you on their web pages.

In Which Bank Will the Funds Be Deposited?

In general, if we give money to someone, our interest must be to know in whose pockets they will end up. Are they safe, or do they end up in tax havens or even worse in the so-called BlackLists?

You can rest assured that the most well-known brokers, precisely because they are subject to strict regulations, manage their clients’ funds separately (essentially, their money is in one account, those of clients are in other distinct and separate accounts).

Does the Broker Offer Good Customer Support?

When trading, one of the greatest needs is to act promptly and have someone try to solve them in case of problems.

That’s why a broker who is ready to offer you constant technical support is undoubtedly much more professional than someone who gives you a platform and then washes his hands of it.

The “operational” Factors to Choose a Broker

In addition to having features that guarantee reliability and safety, you also need to think about the operational side because they can make a lot of difference when you finally take stock of your operations.

We refer both to strictly operational elements and economic conditions. Here are some aspects that you must undoubtedly look at if you want to make an effective choice.

What Spreads Are Offered: Fixed or Variable

The spread represents the broker’s gain on your trading activity. That’s why it’s good to know him first. Spreads can be fixed and variable. The former (with rare exceptions) remains unchanged regardless of the circumstances occurring on the market.

The Demo Account

Online trading is a journey where you start from scratch and learn. But theory alone is not enough. You will also have to practice. And the best way to start is to register with a broker and start DEMO TRADING with virtual money. At least in a loss, there is no risk that you will compromise your capital.

There is also another reason why demo accounts are essential. Trading is continuous experimentation, especially at the level of strategies. The practice account is also used to test new tools and new strategies, risking zero.

Operational Signals, Trading Lessons, and Seminars

trading brokerThe competition between the various brokers has pushed the latter to offer more and more benefits to new traders.

For example, many offer operational trading signals, i.e., investment indications issued by forex experts on the operations to be performed.

Others offer refunds on the first losing trades or ancillary services such as daily technical and fundamental analyzes directly on the platform or via text message or email.…

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